PIER-System NEW in our CGS product range

The PIER Sample Gas Conditioning System for Cracking Furnaces

How efficient are you controlling your cracking furnace?
Regardless of the level of control you are using, process analytical results are the most important information to get the highest benefit out of the cracking furnace.

Do you have issues obtaining reliable, representative and reproducible samples from your cracking processes? Or do you have issues with corrosive, high temperature samples or high particle load at other sampling points to ensure a reliable process analyser reading?

We, CGS Prozessanalytik, have the answer for you!

The PIER CRACK GAS SYSTEM, fully automated from the tip of the sample probe to the recirculation cooler with an optional drilling device to clean the sample probe, designed for the use in hazardous areas and capable to run at high temperatures.

CGS Prozessanalytik is manufacturing this renowned and well proven System under the exclusive license of Wilhelm Pier PAS e.K.

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