Successfully DIN-certified for EN ISO 9001:2015

CGS's quality management is now again certified in accordance with the most recent criteria: TÜV SÜD certified our company according to the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015! Several proceedings were examined carefully considering the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 - from our sales and development up to the service process – and we finally passed with overall success.

Still more quality and security for our customers

For the CEOs Alfons and Christian Geyer and the staff members the certification is considered to be the confirmation that the company philosophy is in order.

Due to the voluntary and comprehensive verification through the technical control board TÜV we document an even greater security and performance our customers. A company that has received this certificate provides the customer security that the quality of the acquired product is not casual, but is the result of the rigid adherence to distinct rules.

All process runs and all relevant product parameters are now completely documented and made transparent. Each one of the transit parameters, from the origin over the state of condition and further process run of each unit, can gapless be comprehended gapless. All these parameters and thus the quality of our used appliances and instruments can be measured and so also be improved constantly.
We have intentionally let the TÜV do the certification, as TÜV first of all stands for technique and TÜV secondly has all over Europe the best reputations as a competent and correct service provider. Thereby the quality of our certification is highlighted of course, too. Furthermore it has been shown that the quality of CGS products is on a high level for years now.

We will be subject to annual TÜV-audits also in the future enabling the improvement process and the quality management system to be optimised continuously to the advantage of the customer with apparatus quality being increased, delivery times shortened, errors avoided and complaints being minimised.

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate CGS