We would like to take the opportunity to give you a brief insight into our company with this brochure. For more than 40 years, we have been delivering analysis systems and components for continuous process analysis in various applications. We offer you a comprehensive range of services in the field of process analysis. From individual components in process technology through to fully assembled and installed analysis containers for online analysis. As a result, satisfied customers from a wide variety of fields, such as power plants, plant engineering, chemical industry, refineries and automobile as well as gas manufacturers confirm the high quality of the products and services provided by CGS.

How did CGS come about?

Christian Geyer, Alfons Geyer
Christian & Alfons Geyer

In the summer of 1975, I – Alfons Geyer – was sitting in my parents’ laundry and reflecting on how to fulfil my dream of “being my own boss”. At the time, I was employed as a planning engineer in a large German company and had already gained many years of experience in the field of analytics. Feeling dissatisfied in my current job, I decided to take a new step. After six months’ of intensive planning, I laid the foundations of our current company group with the support of my entire family. And so, CGS was born.

I started out as a freelancer for planning tasks for my employer at that time, and finally ended up constructing complete analysis systems. So, it did not take long before we had to take on employees to support me in my work. Gradually, we won over a number of well-known companies for the collective know-how of CGS through responsible and quality-oriented work. Professionalism, above-average commitment and high quality characterised the work of our company, which led our customers recommending us to others.

In 2007, my son – Christian Geyer – joined the company to ring in the next generation and gradually follow in my footsteps.

The projects have become ever larger and more numerous, with the result that
we now employ over 120 employees on a production area of approx. 4000 m² at
CGS. Constant investment in cutting edge CGS PROCESS ANALYTICS
technology in the area of system planning and production ensures that our products are of outstanding quality. The greatest potential in all of the aforementioned are my qualified employees. The top priority at CGS is customer proximity and under this premises “almost nothing is impossible” in our eyes. We set out to find distributors worldwide so as to be able to further guarantee this priority. As a result, CGS now has contractual partners in North America, Europe, South East Asia and China.

CGS Prozessanalytik global

We have developed the following scope of services through innovative technology and individual solutions in which you as a satisfied customer are the focus. From consultancy and planning, to complete analysis systems and individual processing components specially developed in our own laboratory through to after-sales service in the area of service and maintenance, we already have a wellrounded range of services which are used by many satisfied national (20%) and international (80%) clients.