Sample switching 6.0

Minimize response times! Optimize sample switching!

There are many different applications for optimum sample switching in our product family solenoid valve blocks.

Today we´ll introduce the MVB-D. The core is made of stainless steel, where gas paths of the specification are drilled. For the selection of the single gases 24V flange valves are screwed on.

The gases are connected to the block via double ferrule fittings. In accordance to the needs ,the block can be equipped with 2-8 inputs, which are connected to a common gas path to the analyzer via the solenoid valves. If more inputs are required, the blocks can be interconnected. The trademark of the valve block are the nozzles / capillaries built into each sample gas path. The common sample gas path is permanently flushed to the atmosphere via these nozzles without influencing the measurement with regard to flow or pressure surges. The response times of the analysis are minimized and any influences for a bad analysis are eliminated. That means contaminated lines, leaks are flushed out of the block and the change from high to low concentrations or vice versa reach a very short response behavior. The all-round carefree package of trustful analysis up to 6.0 gas quality.